Permission Details

We currently provide a month-to-month subscription to use and/or edit any of Project Life's content (scripts and/or addons) on either a monetized or non-monetized server.

Permission to use Project Life's addons or scripts will always be required on A PUBLIC SERVER (we consider it a public server if more than 5 people have access to the server). Failure to obtain this permission before hosting a public server with Project Life's content will result in legal action against your server and will result in your server getting taken down.

Please read the following, as it provides the terms and scope of the permission:

If you purchase permission to use Project Life's content you are allowed to:

  • Use Project Life's content on a single ArmA 3 server, that is monetized or non-monetized.
  • Use Project Life's server files on a single ArmA 3 server, that is monetized or non-monetized. (requires a seperate one-time purchase, available soon)
  • Edit and build-upon Project Life's content (Includes unpacking, debinarizing & resigning).
  • You may redistribute and rename the (edited) Project Life addons in .PBO format as long as the A3PL prefix on the file name is maintained.

Under the following conditions:

  • Redistribution of content may only occur in .PBO format and in accordance with the BIS Tools Eula and Monetization Guidelines.
  • Your website, server name, domain, etc. may not include the name "Project Life". That brand name is reserved for this website only, and to refer to Project Life's content in general.
  • The permission is valid for one server. If you plan on using Project Life's content on multiple servers you will need to buy permission for each one.
  • The permission is on a monthly basis. We, Project Life, reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time. The subscriber may also cancel his or her subscription at any time at which the permission to use Project Life's content expires at the end of the current billing cycle.
  • No refunds - however, we are willing to look at refund requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • No support - we do not provide any support whatsoever on how to use the mods on your server or how to install the server files.

If you are still interested, the current subscription cost to use Project Life's content is based on the billing cycle you choose:
$99/mo per server.
$249/quarter per server.  ($83/mo)
$799/year per server ($66/mo)
Purchasing this subscription constitutes agreement to the above conditions.


UNTIL 12/25


Please contact us at to purchase.

Disclaimer: The Project Life addon files will always be free to download in accordance with the End User License Agreement for BI's Tools. This subscription service is solely to obtain permission for the use of any of Project Life's copyrighted addons and/or scripts on either a monetized or non-monetized server ("Authorized Use").
If you would like to download the Project Life mods, please visit the Download Mods page.

For more information on unauthorized use and addon copyright please visit