Custom Work

Need some custom work done for your server? We can provide you with an affordable quote to create

  • Custom Scripts (literally anything you can think of!)
  • Optimizing and/or fixing your scripts
  • Dialogs
  • Convert any vehicle to ArmA 3 (model and textures provided by you)
  • Import buildings into ArmA 3 (model and textures provided by you)
  • Professional trailers for your server like this one:
  • Custom graphic design (User Interface, sleek-looking interactive menu's, etc.)
  • Drawcall/Section optimization for any p3d model to increase client performance.
  • Sound effects converting and integration

Please reach out to us directly through or Tidio Live Chat with as much details as you can so we can supply you with an accurate quote.

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours (often within 1 hour during business hours or instantly if we are available on Tidio).

Some of our previous work:

(Importing building, textures, model.cfg & config.cpp setup)

(UI creation, dialog setup, object animation, scripting, sound effects)

(UI creation, dialog setup, scripting)

(UI creation, dialog setup, scripting, vehicle addons, cam creation & manipulation)