Want to host ArmA 3 Project Life?

Unfortunately, the official ArmA 3 Project Life is no longer available.

You can now purchase permission to use our content.

For a list of all servers that have permission, please check the list below.

Click here to obtain permission

List of servers with permission (updated every 24hr):


We have received information that "Jason" is illegally selling the ArmA 3 Project Life server files. We are currently pursuing legal action against him.

Please bear in mind that this website is the only OFFICIAL source to retrieve the server files and permission to use. If you obtain the server files, permission or a license to use from anywhere else and have not purchased permission to use the A3PL files HERE, your server is at risk of being DMCA'd and reported to Bohemia Interactive for unauthorized use.

LIFETIME PERMISSION (to use mods + server files)

Odyssey RP (https://discord.gg/xpPTz2eFBQ)
Iron Throne RP (
HaplaRP (https://discord.com/invite/ZdpReZWbU7)
Universal Life Studios https://discord.gg/WPcyn3p8
Projekt Fackelburg ( www.projekt-fackelburg.de
ArizonaRP (
AntumRP ( https://discord.gg/qH4MBhqMXK
BlockIsland.Life http://BlockIsland.Life (play.blockisland.life)
Arma 3 Project Germany (A3PG) a3pg.de
Project Ficher Spain https://discord.gg/5VWEkT4NDp
RSF Group Server Name : #RSF Life Server #https://discord.gg/vPPp3k8
Island Life Roleplay ( www.islandliferp.com
Epicenter Gaming www.epicentergaming.net (
Kingfisher Life https://kingfisher-life.com
[CZ/SK] Fishers Life https://fishers-life.cz

United RP / Next Life Project https://arma3unitedrp.net http://nextlifeproject.com/ EXPIRED
Surta Life http://surtaincorporatedforums.com/ EXPIRED
kimse.life https://kimse.life/ EXPIRED
ArmA 3 Reality Life arma3realitylife.com ( EXPIRED
Real Life Italia realliferpg.ts33.fun EXPIRED
AlfaGaming https://alfagaming.es ( EXPIRED
[GER]Lifestyle RPG Fishers Island www.lifestyle-rpg.de ( EXPIRED
Elite Life | Roleplay Server | TS3: ELRP http://arma.elrp.life/index.php EXPIRED
ArabProject Community ( EXPIRED
Tropic Roleplay forums.tropicrp.com ( EXPIRED
Arma 3 Fishers Island Germany https://a3fishersislandgermany.de/ EXPIRED

List of servers with Server File access

These servers are allowed to use Project Life's scripts (Server Files) on a public server
Granted that they also have permission (see list above).

ArmA 3 Fishers Life: www.arma3fisherslife.net (IP
SantosRPG: http://www.santosrpg.com/ (
ProjectGamersPOP3 http://www.projectgamers.ovh (
BlockIsland.Life http://BlockIsland.Life (play.blockisland.life)
Arma 3 Fishers Island Germany https://a3fishersislandgermany.de/
Arma 3 Fosters Life https://arma3fosterslife.com ( 
AlfaGaming https://alfagaming.es (
[GER]Lifestyle RPG Fishers Island www.lifestyle-rpg.de  (
ArmA 3 Reality Life arma3realitylife.com
Tropic Roleplay forums.tropicrp.com (
Real Life Italia realliferpg.ts33.fun