Want to host ArmA 3 Project Life?

Unfortunately, the official ArmA 3 Project Life is no longer available.

You can now purchase permission to use our content.

For a list of all servers that have permission, please check the list below.

Click here to obtain permission

List of servers with permission (updated every 24hr):


AntumRP ( https://discord.gg/qH4MBhqMXK
BlockIsland.Life http://BlockIsland.Life (play.blockisland.life)
Arma 3 Project Germany (A3PG) a3pg.de
Project Ficher Spain https://discord.gg/5VWEkT4NDp
RSF Group Server Name : #RSF Life Server #https://discord.gg/vPPp3k8
Island Life Roleplay ( www.islandliferp.com
Epicenter Gaming www.epicentergaming.net (
Kingfisher Life https://kingfisher-life.com
[CZ/SK] Fishers Life https://fishers-life.cz

United RP / Next Life Project https://arma3unitedrp.net http://nextlifeproject.com/ EXPIRED
Surta Life http://surtaincorporatedforums.com/ EXPIRED
kimse.life https://kimse.life/ EXPIRED
ArmA 3 Reality Life arma3realitylife.com ( EXPIRED
Real Life Italia realliferpg.ts33.fun EXPIRED
AlfaGaming https://alfagaming.es ( EXPIRED
[GER]Lifestyle RPG Fishers Island www.lifestyle-rpg.de ( EXPIRED
Elite Life | Roleplay Server | TS3: ELRP http://arma.elrp.life/index.php EXPIRED
ArabProject Community ( EXPIRED
Tropic Roleplay forums.tropicrp.com ( EXPIRED
Arma 3 Fishers Island Germany https://a3fishersislandgermany.de/ EXPIRED

Anzus Gaming: www.anzus.life ( EXPIRED
ArmA 3 Fishers Life: www.arma3fisherslife.net ( EXPIRED 10/01/2020

The above community has a pending DMCA takedown request for unauthorized use. If you are a player of this server we recommend not supporting these servers in any shape or form; We will not be responsible for loss of your player data as a result of a DMCA takedown against one of their servers.

List of servers with Server File access

These servers are allowed to use Project Life's scripts (Server Files) on a public server
Granted that they also have permission (see list above).

ArmA 3 Fishers Life: www.arma3fisherslife.net (IP
SantosRPG: http://www.santosrpg.com/ (
ProjectGamersPOP3 http://www.projectgamers.ovh (
BlockIsland.Life http://BlockIsland.Life (play.blockisland.life)
Arma 3 Fishers Island Germany https://a3fishersislandgermany.de/
Arma 3 Fosters Life https://arma3fosterslife.com ( 
AlfaGaming https://alfagaming.es (
[GER]Lifestyle RPG Fishers Island www.lifestyle-rpg.de  (
ArmA 3 Reality Life arma3realitylife.com
Tropic Roleplay forums.tropicrp.com (
Real Life Italia realliferpg.ts33.fun