Want to host ArmA 3 Project Life?

Unfortunately, the official ArmA 3 Project Life is no longer available.

You can now purchase permission to use our content.

For a list of all servers that have permission, please check the list below.

Click here to obtain permission

List of servers with permission (updated every 24hr):

ArmA 3 Fishers Life: www.arma3fisherslife.net (IP EXPIRES 04/22/2020
Anzus Gaming: www.anzus.life ( EXPIRES 03/08/2020
Project Gamers http://www.projectgamers.ovh/ ( EXPIRES 03/16/2020
BlockIsland.Life http://BlockIsland.Life (play.blockisland.life) EXPIRES 03/21/2020

Impulseroleplay: www.impulseroleplay.com ( EXPIRED
Hunter Gaming ( EXPIRED
Nordlicht Gaming https://www.nordlichtforum.de ( EXPIRED

List of servers with Server File access

These servers are allowed to use Project Life's scripts on a public server
Granted that they also have permission (see list above).

ArmA 3 Fishers Life: www.arma3fisherslife.net (IP
SantosRPG: http://www.santosrpg.com/ (
ProjectGamersPOP3 http://www.projectgamers.ovh (