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Here at A3PL our talented development team is dedicated to creating the best experience for our members. Join today and experience what RP should be!


A3PL is created with realism first. We require everything that goes into our mod to be realisitic and accurate.


At A3PL we believe that roleplay modifications should require just that. Roleplay. Most modifications try to force roleplay through rules, here at A3PL we build the modification with roleplaying in mind.

Immerse Yourself

Our goal is that when you're on our server, you forget that you're playing a modification. We hope to create something as real to life as we possibly can.

State Troopers

Fire Department

Coast Guard

Plentiful Jobs

Player Based Economy

Optimized Framework


Join today to become a part of something great! We have a very active member base and it's growing larger every day. We'd love you to join us and experience roleplay the way it is meant to be.

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