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    Hi All,

    We have been made aware by several users on our TeamSpeak server that individuals have been sending round IP Grabbers disguised under fake URLs that on first look seem legit and the real thing.

    We cannot prevent people from messaging others on TeamSpeak, therefore, we hope this thread acts as a precaution and a warning for everyone before clicking on any URLs.

    Here is a list of URLs we have accumulated that are IP Grabbers. If you have received any of these links please come speak to a staff member immediately with the name of who sent you the link. We will require evidence showing who sent the URL.

    Anyone caught sending IP Grabbers will be issued an immediate permanent suspension with NO APPEAL.

    List of IP Grabbers (DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THESE):
    • links that have other URLs attached to the front or back of them.
    • various different interpretations of URL.
    • any link sent with a message like "OMG look I bought this car" or "What do you think about this item"
    Please use the below website to verify URLs before opening them.
    If the link is linked to an IP Grabber it will show you any redirected URLs etc. Please check the URL before clicking it.

    Example of a check regarding the above link: [​IMG]

    A good precaution to have active is the TeamSpeak URL Warning System. This can be activated by following the steps. Tools > options > applications > confirmations > reset confirmations.

    This will bring up a dialogue box that clearly shows the URL and also allows you to cancel opening a link if you clicked it by mistake


    If you have any further questions please feel free to come speak to us.

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