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    CHANGE LOG - 1.31 - LIVE

    Framework Additions:

    Added: FIFR Shops now have NVGs, specifically to be used by their pilots.
    Added: Marshal and Sheriff NPCs now have 16Rnd mags.

    Framework Changes:

    Twitter cool down has been dropped from 45 seconds to 10 seconds for all messages except emergency messages using the '/911' feature, which is only a 5 second cool down.
    Adjusted: K9 Dogs have had their detection range drastically reduced, when they are inside a vehicle. This reduction has been from ten(10) meters, to one(1) meter. This will stop the dog from barking as it passes by other scenes/vehicles/players. However, if someone with detectable items gets into, or is basically touching the police vehicle, the dog will alert.
    Adjusted: All 30Rnd mags have been removed. Some people may have a few, they'll disappear soon.
    Adjusted: New Executive panel in-game.

    Additional Information:

    All changes on the change log are final for the current version, unless they're causing issues. If there's something missing, or really needs to adjusted, it will be silently changed and should be thrown up above. Change logs will be posted shortly before updates, and won't be rolling change logs. If you would like to see what we're currently working on, or check our current progress, you can see that here.
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