Donation Campaigns

  1. Server/Operations Cost

    These is our monthly cost for our servers, they include:
    - Cloudflare CDN w/ business grade ddos protection (200 USD)
    - Game server OVH (164.99 USD including windows license)
    - Hostdime VPS for web services (150 USD)
    - Teamspeak w/ ddos protection (59.32 USD)
    - homepage payments (32 USD)
    - commercial license (30 USD)
    - Dropbox Plus 3 accounts (30 USD)
    - Adobe licenses (14.87 USD)
    - Github (7 USD)
    $688.18 (4 days remaining)
  2. [FIFD] Pierce Arrow XT Engine

    Designed and built with an emphasis on heavy-duty, the Arrow XT meets the demands of any high volume department with its rugged and dependable chassis and an all-business cab interior. Disclaimer: Donating for this item will cover developer fees and help cover the server costs. This vehicle has been exclusively developed for Project Life Communities.
    $250.00 (1 month remaining)