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    It has come to our attention that there have been many changes & additions to the map that were never allowed. The changes are things such as blocking off access to certain areas of the map. The additions are from a former developer taking personal payments to add "special" things for people to the map, such as a large dinosaur in their front yard or a cinema on their estate. All fun aside, it is clear to see where this is a massive abuse of power and not allowed. If one player can have a cinema or a dinosaur, they should all be able to have one. You can see why seeing cinemas and dinosaurs at every player's house would be ridiculous in a realistic RP server. In the past, we have always made changes & additions houses to any players house without charging them as that is part of what their membership pays for. The only chargeable map additions is the initial purchase of an estate. In case we are ever in this position in the future, DO NOT send money to someone for map work unless we have made it publically known - which is unlikely. It may buy you those things for a couple of months, but fast forward to the present, those things are being removed, and your money is gone with the wind. That developer never asked us permission to do those things or discuss it with us in any way and knew full well that it wasn't okay. We apologize for those who may be inconvenienced by the removal of the items in question.

    Moving forward, I will be working on getting everything fixed all week, or until it's done. There is a ton of stuff being thrown at me and I can't keep track of it all. If you see or know of anything that needs fixing, changed, or removed, please report it here with pictures. If you see something that you think shouldn't be on the map in a "realistic" setting like this one but aren't sure, post it anyways and we'll take a look at it.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    -Kane & Kai

    "Permanent Furniture" is not allowed. Furniture is set up to despawn when there are no players near it. If it is placed permanently in the map, it cannot despawn which effects performance - heavily for the newer, higher quality furniture. This means any planters, moonshine setups, estate furniture, or anything else placed permanently will be removed.
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    In this 3 minute clip you can see all of the Current problems are Coral Cove - All of the rocks around the upper edge of the island, on both sides, are removed, leaving a steep drop off on both sides. At the second bridge, you cannot cross the bridge as two enormous rocks are blocking the bridge, meaning i do not have access to my estate, so i cannot repurchase my home, and if i did, i would need to be teleported out of the area every time.
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    Really appreciate it Kai, I'll go around and get some screenies later :D
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    Gatsby Manor Estate - Houses don't have driveways

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