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    CHANGE LOG - 1.3.3 - LIVE

    Server Additions:

    Added: 2016 Ford Explorer, civilian variant.
    Added: 2013 Ford Taurus civilian variant.
    Added: 2018 Chevy Camero, civilian variant.
    Added: 2015 Dodge Charger, civilian variant.

    Added: 2017 Lamborghini Huracan, civilian variant.
    Added: Debug menu, for "quicker" development.

    Server Changes:

    Sheriff's Department shop now contains only the Rook-40 as a service pistol.
    Adjusted: Coast Guard shop now contains only the 4-Five as a service pistol.
    Adjusted: Marshal shop now contains only the P07(tan) as a service pistol.

    Adjusted: Mk18, and Mk200, have been added as replacements for the LRR. Check blue rules...
    Adjusted: Weapon crafting factory no longer contains faction service pistols.

    Adjusted: All SMGs have been removed from the Island.


    Drag all of the files within this .rar into the Addons folder within your @A3PL folder, and replace all the files it asks you to.

    Additional Information:

    All changes on the change log are final for the current version, unless they're causing issues. If there's something missing, or really needs to adjusted, it will be silently changed and should be thrown up above. Change logs will be posted shortly before updates, and won't be rolling change logs. If you would like to see what we're currently working on, or check our current progress, you can see that here.

    If you find any bugs within this update, please post a report here, and make sure the bug is not already listed here!
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