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  1. A3PL Beta Access

    14.99 USD *
    ArmA 3 Project Life - Beta access

    Memberships temporarily $14.99

    This will grant you access to our beta server. This is a permanent membership.

    We can also accept bitcoin or ethereum payment. Send USD equivalent to the address below and open a support ticket with the transaction ID:
    13LUG5imqTvQuSHoiXWwoN7jBV7TiWuAMx (for bitcoin)
    0x1Ff9a4fBDe4E70e3aD728E4235273605c6feA336 (for ethereum)

    For other payment methods (including steam funds) please create a support ticket!
  2. A3PL Motorhead

    9.99 USD *
    ArmA 3 Project Life - Motorhead Perk

    Grants access to:
    • Customize car materials (chrome, carbon fibre etc.)
    • Customize your vehicle license plate
    • Access to VR suits
    After purchase click the redeem button on the forum index page to retrieve the perk!

    Note! This item does not grant beta access
* Taxes apply for certain locations